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This Blog Has Been Moved May 6, 2008

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Effective today I will no longer publish new post on this blog. Please click this blog title MEMYSELFANDJC to be redirected at my new blog.

If you are interested to be featured at my new blog please drop me a message at MEMYSELFANDJC.

I have moved most of my posts at my new blog except for the featured blogs and tagged.

I hope you will support and visit my new blog. Thank you…see you there.



Featured Blogs Of The Day April 6, 2008

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Greetings! Nice to have you here. Thank you for your support and so you are here in my blog and treated special guest. Enjoy your weekend!

1. Gina’s Weight Watcher Recipes:

Blog description: Great Recipes that happen to be low in weight watcher points. New recipes posted everyday.


Blog description: Release Your Stress by Reading Our Free Jokes Collections

3. MyOnlineDiscoveries:

Blog description: Sharing my online discoveries; helping the newbie blogger make some sense of the blogosphere; tips and tricks for amateur web designers; dummies guide to the internet;…

4. Attraction Mind Map:

Blog description: This blog shares inspirational articles and posts on love, happiness and leading a fulfilled and happier life. It includes tips on how to use the law of attraction and on…

5. 1 Million Friends, Happiness and Blog Design:

Blog description: 1 Million friends, happiness and blog design is my personal blog that sharing everything in the internet that can help myself to the a better life. My personal collection…

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Featured Blogs Of The Day April 5, 2008

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Good day everyone!  Welcome and feel free to check your URL. You are the best thing that ever happen to my blog and keeps me going. Thank you and please come back soon.

1. Horses, knitting, and my family:

Blog description: A little of this and a lot of that. Tons of fiber arts stuff, things on horses, English Angora Rabbits, to the NEW 525 outlaw 4-wheeler.

2. My Ambrosial Reality:

Blog description: I journal about everything, from my dating life to random thoughts, poetry or my how my day went. I write about whatever interests me. Consider this some fun eclectic diary.

3. /hairs/my/story/:

Blog description: Hairsmystory is an informative yet tongue-in-cheek look at hair and beauty. It is specifically dedicated the love and upkeep of all things…


Blog description: Shopping ideas for affordable gifts.

5. The Potato Corner:

Blog description: id, ego, superego of a potato eater

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Featured Blogs of the Day April 4, 2008

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Hi, nice to see you again. Thanks for coming. Please check your URL and maybe leave comment that will make me feel good. Come back soon! 

1. Longing to be a Woman:

Blog description: The current life of Katherine Diane Cleve who rose to fame with her blog Longing to be a Woman. No porn, nudity, obscenity or sex.  Just a sweet, refreshing story about…

2. Fruitspecies:

Blog description: A niche, info blog about eating all kind of fruits (with photos & descriptions) around the globe, including exotic and rare fruits. Cheers from Fruity

3. Res Ispa Loquitur:

Blog description: I am a lofty, less than dynamic figure, often seen staring at ornate houses or making strong Gin Martinis. My past is not checkered but I have failed as a paper boy,…

4. Business Up Today:

Blog description: Business And Financial News

5. Socially unAcceptable Straight Talk:

Blog description: I should have name it “The truth no one wants to hear”. It seems like everytime you go around and talk just about the truth of things then somemone is always there to be…

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Featured Blogs Of The Day April 3, 2008

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Hello fellow bloggers! Glad you visit my blog for that everything I did here for you are worth it. You might wanna check out some of my posts if it caught your attention. I will see you around. Have a nice day!

1. Space of Reality:

Blog description: A blog about my opinions and thoughts about any topic under the sun.

2. Home Job Updates:

Blog description: Information on how to work from home and make money online.

3. Fatal Attraction 2 Fashion:

Blog description: Check out my new blog for the fashion conscious woman on a budget. Find varying styles of clothing from vintage to runway trends to celebrity style.

4. Tales of a Neurotic 30 Something:

Blog description: Bits and pieces of my life so far. Just random thoughts that I feel like blogging about.

5. Boughetto News:

Blog description: This is not just celebrity pics or mindless entertainment “news”. Everthing on Boughetto News is thought provoking, interesting, often time humorous and real. Our goal?…

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Featured Blogs of the Day April 2, 2008

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Hi, How are you today? Thanks for stopping by and for your support. Please check your URL and check back sometime. Have a great day!

1. A Bargain Shopper’s Dream:

Blog description: Making sense of savings cents! How to make bang for your buck, shopping smart and more.

2. Top Cellular:

Blog description: Gadget, Cellular, Phone, iPhone, Mobile Phone, Mobile Software, Cellular Tips, Cellular Review, Nokia, Mobile Games 

3. Lisbeth Picks Flicks:

Blog description: My picks and reviews of recently released dvd and other film related stuff

4. Used Trucks for sale:

Blog description: Read related information to Automotive news, trucks and trailers blog and find expert opinions, truck industry news, and other vehicles information at Trucks Junction Blog.

5. Debt Solution Sharing:

Blog description: Debt Solution Sharing was established in 2008 to share my personal debt solution from my previous experiences.

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Featured Blogs of the Day April 1, 2008

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Hello everyone, Welcome to my blog! I would like to thank you for the support by coming here and participating in my discussion at BlogCatalog. Hope to see you next time and have a great day!

1.ipentimento.jpg iPentimento:

Blog description: The blog has the history of William Livingston Holmes, first sheriff of Clackamas county, Oregon Territory; other topics includes family history, genealogy, fibromyalgia…

2.aispinay.jpg Blog Site of a Filipina with AIS:

Blog description: Site for Androgen Sensitivity Syndrome, Home Remedies for Various Common Illnessess, Computer Tips and Tricks.

3.homeboy.jpg Homeboy’s Astronomy Blog:

Blog description: Homeboy blogs astronomical news, events, and images. Homeboy watches the sky from northern hemisphere, from the city of Kerava, Finland.

4. the modern superhero:

Blog description: A blog dedicated to exploring the different representations of superheros in contemporary popular culture through such mediums as television, advertising, and lyrics as…

5. Franchising In the Philippines:

Blog description: Get updated information on francising in the Philippines as shared by the country’s acknowledged francise guru.

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