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My Featured Blogs: Second Batch February 7, 2008

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Congratulations! You made it to my lists. First of all thank you for coming—This is my way of giving gratitude to my readers, viewers, and guests. Thank You All and Come Back soon!

1. Carey Says Ums: Interjections Betwixt Ideas:  

Blog description: This is the personal blog of a visually-impaired American freelance writing from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

 2. Felle Blog:

Blog description: My frequently updated blog. Very liked by a number of people, but yet also very few visitors.

3. Red-Liners:

Blog description: We scour the world for interesting car news, provide helpful DIY tips, and create original troubleshooting articles.

4. The K Experience:

Blog description: Online Journal containing life experiences past and present. Featuring travels to Japan, Israel, Ghana, Life in the UK and the USA. Also contains views on news and curren…

5. Indonesia Lover:

Blog description: Indonesia

6.  JJ’s Irresistible Marketing:

Blog description: Irresistible Internet Marketing Tactics Products And News

7. Mascot Travel:

Blog description: Travel

8. Gigki Blog:

Blog description: My Personal blog

9. Cell Rater:

Blog description: The Ultimate Guide to cellphones. Why settle for one of the half dozen phones offered by your mobile carrier? There are hundreds of phones all over the world compatible w…

10. You Tube Cars:

Blog description: The Most Wanted Cars The Most Fast The Most Visited YouTube Car Videos On The Web

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One Response to “My Featured Blogs: Second Batch”

  1. djyano Says:

    Cool, I hope mine will be in there someday, hehe

    Don’t forget to visit me MeMyselfAndJC @

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