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Featured Blogs of the Day February 11, 2008

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Hello everyone! You are my best picks to be featured in my blog today. Have a good one and don’t forget to check your URL.

1. Your Best World Spots:

Blog description: Blog about the most beautiful cities and landscape from all over the world. Take the time to enjoy the world’s beauty. Promote the beauty of your own country…

2. A blog for the Flip:

Blog description: This blog develop when I was feeling lonely empty and homesick. I felt that I had to do something before I go crazy and the concept of me a “Flip” a filipino gave me..

3. Suburbian Queen:

Blog description: Suburbian queen is wittily written and high-thought provoking blog that will no doubt have you wanting more

4. 404039 is the number:

Blog description: On this blog I’ll try to explain what are we going to do in order to earn 404.039,00…and a peaceful life.

5. Lil Blog of Horrors:

Blog description: A blog of horror movies with emphasis on B-film.

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