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Featured Blogs of the Day February 13, 2008

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As promised–Here you are–I’m glad you’ve joined my discussion or rather invitation. Thanks and Come back soon!

1. Sharing Best Practices:

Blog description: My name is Mohit and I live in India where I fill my days with a variety of activities one of them is writing this blog to share my knowledge and experience with this world.

2. Mu3pa Art Blog:

Blog description: Who is Musampa? so called mu3pa? s/he is just abstract idea flying through letters around the world every early morning. My Life is My Daily Art.

3. Kobra’s Corner:

Blog description: The thoughts and opinion of an antisocial borderline-sociopath with a high IQ and a low tolerance for human stupidity.

4. BloggerNoob:

Blog description: Story about a blogger noob

5. Great Ads We Love:

Blog description: My hobby of collecting adverts shared through my blog.

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