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Featured Blogs of the Day February 15, 2008

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Hi everyone! Nice to see you’s my fave blogs of the day..check your URL and please come back soon!

1.,Monsters, and Motherhood:

Blog description: showcases horror stories/dark fiction, rants, amusements and life experiences of a sarcastic, atheist mom of two toddlers.

2. Karimpie:

Blog description: Disappointing perverts who can’t spell since 2007

3. edgeofsanity:

Blog description: A blog about the things that piss me off. Everday life and the idiots I have met.

4. Con Man’s Blog–Six Hours Past Thursday:

Blog description: A continuing news and tutorial on all the ways the skilled con man commit’s “legal” crime in defrauding you. (In the legal thriller, Six Hours Past Thursday,…

5. Jesus Encounter:

Blog description: A place to keep your walk with God going.

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One Response to “Featured Blogs of the Day”

  1. Jack Payne Says:

    Thanks for inclusion of my blog. I much appreciate.

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