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Featured Blogs of the Day February 28, 2008

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How are you today? Thanks for the visit. I hope you will find my blog interesting. Once again, thank you and have a nice day!

1. Malay Women in Malaysia:

Blog description: Discussing and highlighting the interests, issues, fashions, trends, beauty and health concerns of the Malay women in Malaysia.

2. Dance Outlook:

Blog description: Dance Outlook is a daily dance blog focusing on happenings in the dance world and reviews of dance shows, companies, performances and more.

3. Just Sayin’:

Blog description: My blog is a general non-specific journal of odds and ends, thus the tagline “blah blah blah blah.” I can talk your ear off, or I can sit still and listen.

4. MYMYTHPRINT: All the Myth’s that fit to print:

Blog description: Mythology has captivated the imagination, taught lessons to live by, and provided a sense of meaning, magic and shared identity for nearly every human society on the planet.

5. Contempozine-The definitive guide to style for the modern men:

Blog description: Contempozine is an online magazine for men featuring the cutting edge design and styled products from online men stores putting out great products for cool men. Contemp…

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