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Featured Blogs of the Day February 29, 2008

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Check your URL and let me know if I got it wrong. Have a pleasant day and drop by soon!

1. Extremes:

Blog description: Help me spend the day with you to brighten up your day with a whole lot bits and spices.

2. cheapdanny:

Blog description: Dedicated to bring you the latest deals and  some free stuff along the way!


Blog description: Provide tips, tricks & Information about Computers, Laptops & Cool Gadgets. Read Technology Breaking News Here! & NEVER forget to SUBSCRIBE us!™ VERIFIED COMMUNITY

4. Revellian Dot Com:

Blog description: blogging ethics, blogging tips, newbies tech tips, Horror, Original Poetries, Short Stoties, Eathern Philosophies, Racial Unity, Spiritual Growth, Twister Humor, Original Art, Limitless Thinking, Guitar and Learning.

5. L7 World:

Blog description: L7 World – Columbus was wrong!

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3 Responses to “Featured Blogs of the Day”

  1. Bobby Revell Says:

    Hi Juvy! Thanks so much for featuring me, you made my day!

  2. kento Says:

    Hi, really thanks for featuring my site here!!!
    i really appreciated it ! sweet!
    happy days! 🙂

  3. komang jay Says:

    Very Nice Blog,please visit my blog to find many blog tips and trick. Klik my name

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