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Featured Blogs of the Day March 4, 2008

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Hi, here I am again doing what I think is the best way give thanks to my viewers. I Hope you fine my blog interesting and drop by soon.

1.   BloggerNobb:

Blog description: Story about a Blogger Noob

2. Adan’s Art Blog:

Blog description: It’s a blog showing my progression as an artist and anything art related I found along the way.

3. Based On A True story:

Blog description: About me, the story of Marques Di Val and my search for true love…

4. DigitalMickey [Journey of a MadMan]:

Blog description: Combining virtual with reality. The blog of nonsense, life, wisdom and debauchery.

5. Show Me The Money:

Blog description: This is a blog of making an extra money. The aim of the game is to get information and share it with others out there so that we can all prosper.

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One Response to “Featured Blogs of the Day”

  1. Show me the money! Nice!

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