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Featured Blogs of the Day March 5, 2008

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Welcome to my blog! Thanks for coming and please take the time to browse my blog and leave a comment if you may. See you later.

1. Living Zimbabwe:

Blog description: Anything and everything to do with Zimbabwe.

2. Cat’s Confession:

Blog description: my personal blog

3. mental stimulation:

Blog description: My blog is all about the everyday musings that I go through in life. It is about everything and nothing. A reflection of life from my point of view.

4. GameDrift:

Blog description: The Web 2.0 collaboration of gaming and technology. Reviews, news, previews, and a growing communities to keep the interest of any gamer or enthusiast.

5. A Visual Guide for the Online Bride:

Blog description: A Visual Guide for the Online Bride is a new online magazine (blog) written my Kim Calakoutis. It is designed to help brides get ideas for their own wedding.

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