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Featured Blogs of the Day March 9, 2008

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Hello fellow bloggers, how are you today? Please check your URL and drop by anytime soon. Good Day!

1. Snagwire Media:

Blog description: Snagwire Media is a widely popular blog network, features up-to-minute news, technology and gaming reviews, home life, cooking, and pop culture highlighting the best…

2. Bridget’s Condition:

Blog description: Chronicles the sickness of Bridget Harvey, who was almost killed due to the doctor’s mistake.

3.  Irresistible Fascinations:

Blog description: An account of small things that catches the fancies of typical ladies, which are eventually developed in full-blown irresistible fascinations. Most entries tells about… 

4. fliprent:

Blog description: This we blog is about flipping houses and investing in real estate. The blog offers its readers a real life flip in action along with lots of information on real estate…

5. Cat On My Head:

Blog description: Thoughts and images from a hermit who lives with nine cats in the wilds of New Mexico, while working at a secret Zombie Free Youth Shelter. Lights, laughter, color, cats…

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