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Featured Blogs of the Day March 13, 2008

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As promised, here you are the star of the day–I would like to thank you for coming and Hope you find my blog interesting. You have a great day! and See you soon.

1. nyari duit di internet:

Blog description: nyari duit money di internet is cool from rayearth2601.

2.  The Millionaire Secrets:

Blog description: The Secret That Makes You A Millionaire.

3. Inspired Geek:

Blog description: Inspired Geek is a spot for discovering interesting as well as useful News, Articles, Tips and Tricks, Modern Trends and Guides relevant to the Computer and Internet techonology areas.

4. The Ink Weaver Collection – Writing Showcase Blog:

Blog description: Poetry and prose, Nathan shares his unique literary works and the world.

5. PinoyRecipe.Net Filipino Recipe, Asian Cuisines and more..:

Blog description: Pinoy Recipe is a home for Filipino Cooking Recipe, you’ll find the finest Pinoy food and other asian recipes in our site.

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2 Responses to “Featured Blogs of the Day”

  1. NathanKP Says:

    Thank you very much for featuring my website. I appreciate it immensely. 🙂

    NathanKP – The Ink Weaver Collection

  2. emjoven Says:


    I appreciate that you have featured my Filipino Recipe website on your blog.

    Thanks a lot. 🙂

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