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Featured Blogs of the Day March 16, 2008

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Hi, How are you today? Hope everything’s doing well for you. Thanks for coming and please drop by sometime.

1. Body Building Pro:

Blog description: Informative blod giving basic body building exercises and nutrition advice. Supplements pro and cons.

2. Not With a Wimper:

Blog description: I’m an independent with a consevative bent who is tired of seeing politicians out to help themselves by destroying our country. This is were I comment on the good…

3. The America’s #1 Printer Cartridge Blog:

Blog description:  provides a great and easy to use web template community for individual consumers, printer cartridge retailers and printer cartridge manufactures…

4. Quick Online Tips:

Blog description: Technology news, blogging tips, computer software and Web 2.0 services.

5. beth washington: just prose:

Blog description: I’m an 18-year-old girl going to liberal arts college in New England. I am still deciding whether or not I’m in love with my best friend Ryan while entertaining…

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