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Featured Blogs of the Day March 28, 2008

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Hi fellow bloggers, readers and viewers! I thank you for taking the time to come and check your blog. I hope you have a fun day today and the day after and so on. Hope to see you again!

1. TFGBlog:

Blog description: TFGBlog is a blog dedicated to help save money on video games. We list the best deals for canadians gamers and thus make you save hundreds of dollars.

2.lisas-blog.jpg Liza’s World:

Blog description: I post everything about college life and culture, from funny youtube videos, college dating, academic and custom admissions essays, to college news and camputs hijinks…

3. I’m A Myrtel – Ecclectic Handmade Clothing and Handbags Blog:

Blog description:  I am committed to do my little bit for reducing landfill, clothing and fabrics once dicarded often end up being thrown out. Not everyone likes ‘hand me downs’ so I make…

4. Simple Sailing Cuisine:

Blog description: Galley life and all things foods on the high seas

5. Beauty Tyrant:

Blog description: I’m a huge beauty buff and got bitten by the beauty bug ever since I nicked my little index finger with my mom’s eye brow razor, when I lovingly stroke it thinking it was…

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One Response to “Featured Blogs of the Day”

  1. Morgan Says:

    nice choices to feature! they seem interesting… i am off to check them out 🙂

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