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Featured Blogs of the Day April 4, 2008

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Hi, nice to see you again. Thanks for coming. Please check your URL and maybe leave comment that will make me feel good. Come back soon! 

1. Longing to be a Woman:

Blog description: The current life of Katherine Diane Cleve who rose to fame with her blog Longing to be a Woman. No porn, nudity, obscenity or sex.  Just a sweet, refreshing story about…

2. Fruitspecies:

Blog description: A niche, info blog about eating all kind of fruits (with photos & descriptions) around the globe, including exotic and rare fruits. Cheers from Fruity

3. Res Ispa Loquitur:

Blog description: I am a lofty, less than dynamic figure, often seen staring at ornate houses or making strong Gin Martinis. My past is not checkered but I have failed as a paper boy,…

4. Business Up Today:

Blog description: Business And Financial News

5. Socially unAcceptable Straight Talk:

Blog description: I should have name it “The truth no one wants to hear”. It seems like everytime you go around and talk just about the truth of things then somemone is always there to be…

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One Response to “Featured Blogs of the Day”

  1. Ambrosiality Says:

    really found the first blog interesting.

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