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Featured Blogs Of The Day April 5, 2008

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Good day everyone!  Welcome and feel free to check your URL. You are the best thing that ever happen to my blog and keeps me going. Thank you and please come back soon.

1. Horses, knitting, and my family:

Blog description: A little of this and a lot of that. Tons of fiber arts stuff, things on horses, English Angora Rabbits, to the NEW 525 outlaw 4-wheeler.

2. My Ambrosial Reality:

Blog description: I journal about everything, from my dating life to random thoughts, poetry or my how my day went. I write about whatever interests me. Consider this some fun eclectic diary.

3. /hairs/my/story/:

Blog description: Hairsmystory is an informative yet tongue-in-cheek look at hair and beauty. It is specifically dedicated the love and upkeep of all things…


Blog description: Shopping ideas for affordable gifts.

5. The Potato Corner:

Blog description: id, ego, superego of a potato eater

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