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Featured Blogs Of The Day March 31, 2008

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Hi, thanks for coming and please check your URL. You might wanna browse a few of my posts while you are here. See you next time!

1. The blog of the mad man: htt://

Blog description: The ramblings of a mad man.

2. firerobin:

Blog description: An entertaining blog about life, pop culture, sports and the occasional tid-bits of politic–from a twenty-something in Dallas. 

3. Home Based Business Opportunities:

Blog description: This blog is dedicated to research home base business ideas and opportunities to make money online so you can work at home

4. EZGreatLife:

Blog description: This site is about life, family and getting fit, both physically and financially. Discussing any and all aspects of attaining a great life.

5. Stories from home:

Blog description: personal thoughts, earning, fish ponds

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Featured Blogs of the Day March 30, 2008

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Hi, I’m glad you came…thanks for the visit. Please checkout your URL and browse some of my posts if something caught your attention. See you next time!

1.skination.jpg SKINATION – High quality skins, themes, visual styles, suites, icons and more:

Blog description: SKINATION| The empire of stylish skins! Your resource for the highest qualify skins, themes, visual styles, icons, wallpapers, customization software, windowblinds, tools, hacks, window xp tweaks, linux…

2. Starting Over in South Africa:

Blog description: In South Africa, many of us have had to start over in some way or another, particularly in mindset. We have had to adjust to ways of making a living with a new set of rule…

3. Online Browser Games:

Blog description: Online Browser Games We find and write about it, you play! We are two Portuguese brothers and this blog is the result of a decision to make something more than play…

4. A Year In Asheville:

Blog description: Asheville North Carolina Photoblog

5. digit-8:

Blog description: W e l l, I f o u n d th e s p a c e b a r

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Featured Blogs of the Day March 29, 2008

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Welcome to my blog! thank you coming here and for taking the time to browse my blog. Please drop by soon and leave some comments if you may that will make me feel happy. Have a great weekend! 

1. Uhm, Gee:

Blog description: Casual, off beat writing about the Internet, websites, programming, business/e-business with various related topics.

2. Opened my eyes and it’s all GONE:

Blog description: Personal Blog The Land Of The Band:

Blog description: Only the latest in News, Politics, Rap, Wrestling, Blogging and all other news you need. forums at where you can…

4. Kinichi River Designs:

Blog description: Before & After. A celebration of creation and change

5. CODE2 – The Blog Of Florian Egerer:

Blog description: Welcome to the Blog Of Florian Egerer aka. I am a Web/Icon/Interface/Graphic-design from Austria! I love and write about: design, web, skinning, customization…

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Featured Blogs of the Day March 28, 2008

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Hi fellow bloggers, readers and viewers! I thank you for taking the time to come and check your blog. I hope you have a fun day today and the day after and so on. Hope to see you again!

1. TFGBlog:

Blog description: TFGBlog is a blog dedicated to help save money on video games. We list the best deals for canadians gamers and thus make you save hundreds of dollars.

2.lisas-blog.jpg Liza’s World:

Blog description: I post everything about college life and culture, from funny youtube videos, college dating, academic and custom admissions essays, to college news and camputs hijinks…

3. I’m A Myrtel – Ecclectic Handmade Clothing and Handbags Blog:

Blog description:  I am committed to do my little bit for reducing landfill, clothing and fabrics once dicarded often end up being thrown out. Not everyone likes ‘hand me downs’ so I make…

4. Simple Sailing Cuisine:

Blog description: Galley life and all things foods on the high seas

5. Beauty Tyrant:

Blog description: I’m a huge beauty buff and got bitten by the beauty bug ever since I nicked my little index finger with my mom’s eye brow razor, when I lovingly stroke it thinking it was…

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Featured Blogs of the Day March 27, 2008

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Greetings! Thank you for stopping by and please help yourself and check your URL. Have a great day and see you around!

1. Zimin Ziro:

Blog description: Presents some little known facts about Ziro, the district headquarters of Lower Subansiri in Arunachal Pradesh, India. It also weaves a Ziro of my dream.

2. Shoes, Bags, Make-up, Jewelry, Clothes – Fashion Femme:

Blog description: Fashion Blog

3. Canny Squirrel:

Blog description: The home of thriftness. We are sick of rising prices and poor deals so, Canny Squirrel’s Blog shares tips and ideas to make and save money. We are also trying to yummiest, scrummiest Millionaire shortbread…

4. esmundo’s hideout:

Blog description: extremely beautiful non-digital pictures for your pleasure only. mostly in b&w. ranges anything from abstract to portrait. come and see what goes on esmundo &#0…

5. Add URL:

Blog description: add your url and I add your link back. SEO basics that do make money!

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Featured Blogs of the Day March 26, 2008

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Greetings everyone! Welcome to my blog. Thanks for participating in my discussions at blogcatalog and for coming to check my blog or rather your blog. Hope you find it fun if not interesting. Enjoy browsing!

1.badxp.jpgSolving bad experience with computer:

Blog description: A blog pack with simple tips and guides on computer repair computer troubleshooting and computer diagnosing for ordinary user problems encountered in everyday life…

2. In The Life Of…:

Blog description: A SAHM reflection, diapering to politics and everything in between. Anyone wants to exchange links let me know. Just make sure I you put your links on your site too.

3. LiveImagePhoto:

Blog description: Central for interest in news, entertainment, politics, pop culture and web 2.0  

4. A Celebration Of Life:

Blog description: This blog is a simple account of my insights about the world and the things around me.

5. Ignite Natural Energy With MaxGXL (TM):

Blog description: A blog dedicated to our Max International Business. Updated with photos, valuable information, videos, links, DYNAMITE archive calls, recognition and personal highlights…

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Featured Blogs of the Day March 25, 2008

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Hi, nice to see you again! Please help yourself and check your blog URL. Feel free to comment if you may and I will see you anytime soon. You have a pleasant day!

1. AniMotivation:

Blog description: personal blog of a Lasallian giving every ready a dose of his insights and commentaries of life and love

2. Intrepid Ideas:

Blog description: Intrepid Ideas…. open your mind to issues that affect us.  Travel with me around the world and see photos far away places. Enjoy music and discussion.

3. A View from Carmine Superiore:

Blog description: Life and times of Louise, mother of two very small children, restoring a granite house in the Italian village of Carmine Superiore, on Lago Maggiore. The only catch?…

4. Ireland Property – Daft Property! Ireland and The Irish Property Market:

Blog description:  Ireland “The Emerald Isle”. Life in Ireland through words, images & video – the irish property market, the latest houses & changing economic conditions for the “Celtic Tiger”.

5. The Pursuit of Excellence:

Blog description: For those committed to personal development in every aspect of life. Tips on time management, nutrition, fitness, productivity, leadership, spirituality and whatever else…

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